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Provincial Grand Master's Welcome

It is my pleasure to offer a warm welcome to the website for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire West. It is right and proper that an organisation which has existed for over one hundred and fifty years should, indeed must, continue to develop and reinvigorate itself. 

This website indicates that we continue to do so. This site should be used as a facility for our members, offering the required information to allow them to enjoy their membership to the fullest possible advantage whilst also informing the casual browser, possibly who are either non-members of the Order or even non-Freemasons alike an indication of our outlook and activities. 

Whatever reason you have either chosen to peruse our website or simply found us by chance I trust you will find it of interest. 

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master 
Bro. William M. S. Semple

2021-10-02 PGMPW Installation 4.jpg

PGM William M.S. Semple

PGL Perthshire West Installation 2nd October 2021

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The Province of Perthshire West

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