Warmest Fraternal Greetings

I give you a very warm welcome to the Web Site of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire West.

The Province of Perthshire West covers a large area from Aberfoyle in South Perthshire all the way to Blair Atholl in the North, The Province currently has thirteen lodges under its jurisdiction, The oldest Lodge in Perthshire West is The Lodge of Dunblane No.IX formed in 1695

Details of each lodge including meeting dates, address and websites can be found in the Lodges page.

PGM Welcome

It is my pleasure to offer a warm welcome to the website for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire West. It is right and proper that an organisation which has existed for over one hundred and fifty years should, indeed must, continue to develop and reinvigorate itself.

this website indicates that we continue to do so. This site should be used as a facility for our members, offering the required information to allow them to enjoy their membership to the fullest possible advantage whilst also informing the casual browser, possibly who are either non-members of the Order or even non-Freemasons alike an indication of our outlook and activities.

Whatever reason you have either chosen to peruse our website or simply found us by chance I trust you will find it of interest.

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master
Bro. Roger H. Bullard

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest fraternal societies, it evolved in part from Medieval stone masons guilds in Scotland, after spreading to to England with King James II and his court in the early 1600, the craft greatly expanded in part thanks to events such as the Great Fire of London, which raised the Masons profile immensely.

After the Glorious Revolution in 1688 Freemasonry spread to Europe with Jacobite exiles before travelling to every part of the world. Freemasonry's lessons of moral values (governing relations between people) and its acknowledgement, without crossing the boundaries of religion, that all depends on the providence of God, apply today with as much force as they did when the order began.

What's Happening

New Grand Lodge Honour

Bro. Peter Nieto PM Lodge Ben Ledi 614 and PG Senior Chaplain recently was presented with his Honorary Grand Rank at the Installation of Lodge Ben Ledi by the RWPGM Bro. Roger Bullard. Peter has been a very committed member of the lodge for many years and continues his faithful service now as Secretary.

New Grand Lodge Honours

Brother Robbie Matthew the Immediate Past Master of Lodge Breadalbane No. 657, Aberfeldy was presented with his Honorary Grand Junior Deacon Jewel by RWPGM Bro. Roger H. Bullard on Friday 18th December whilst attending the Installation at Lodge St Andrews No. 814.

New Provincial Grand Master

At the regular communication of The Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire West held on 11th June 2015 Bro Roger H. Bullard PM of The lodge of Dunblane No. IX, Grand Steward, was confirmed and appointed as the 24th Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge Of Perthshire West.

The Brethren of the Province would like to show our appreciation of Bro. John S. Brockie who concluded his term as Provincial Grand Master on the same date.

PGL Visitation to Dunkeld No. 14

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire West paid its annual visitation to the United Lodge of Dunkeld No 14 on Thursday 26th March 2015.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Deputation was headed by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother John Scott Brockie PM for the final time to Dunkeld as he approaches the end of his five year Commission.

To commemorate the occasion the Right Worshipful Master Bro Ian S Ford presented the Provincial Grand Master with a suitably engraved bottle and crystal glasses which were prepared by Bro James Cunningham of Dunkeld

Engraving courtesy
  • Dunkeld Engraving

  • 50th Jubilee Diploma

    Bro Jim McDonald PM of the United Lodge of Dunkeld No 14 and Substitute PGM of Perthshire West received his 50th Jubilee Diploma and a suitably engraved bottle to commemorate 50 years in the Craft.

    He was congratulated by PGM Bro John S Brockie and RWM Bro Ian S Ford along with all those in attendance at Dunkeld.